Logos Promotion

Now posting logos in “http://vectorbrandslogos.com/” you will find a bargain. We offer a free 238×238 banner on the cover in exchange for post logos. So easy.

– You can advertise anything you want: your business logo, an animated banner, slogan, etc … will not accept banners of adult-only content (sexual content, casinos, deals, drugs, weapons, etc …).
– When you publish the number of logos of the selected package (5, 20 or 50) will receive an email confirming that you can publish a banner of 238 × 238 pixels in our home page by the agreed time. The design is up to you. It must be gif or jpg. Then, send us email at: contact@vectorbrandslogos.com with the banner.
– Your banner on our front page can be published immediatly or take days (even weeks). Once we have your banner, you’ll go to a banners list and will depend on how many banners you have in front at that time.
– This promotion may be withheld by us at any time without notice. However http://vectorbrandslogos.com/ undertakes to respect entirely offer conditions to all users who have participated in this promotion, the same advantages as those set at the time of publication.
– Users will have 30 days to complete the publication of the selected package. Example: If you select “Post 20 logos” and 30 days after the date of this promotion acceptance has only published 17 logos, your account will reset and you must start again to benefit from the advantages of another package.
– You can not request a change package within 30 days of acceptance of this promotion.Example: If you select Publish 50 logos and after 26 days have you been published only 8, you can not ask for a lower package.
– Remember that we monitor all logos published one by one. That is the secret for quality in our website. Therefore only be counted logos consider good. You can not publish logos we already have in our database, must be in perfect condition and in the formats AI, EPS or Freehand (preferably with 3 extensions).
– These are the packages:
1. 5 logos published, 1 day (24h) on cover
2. 20 logos published, 1 week on cover.
3. 50 logos published, 1 month on the cover.


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